Gifts Worth Their Salt

Sometimes I stop by Meg’s shop to watch her work. She effortlessly and quickly takes spooled rope, and while chatting, juggles her fid and the snake-like medium to make a perfectly tight, tidy monkey fist dog toy. An orderly little pile of them builds next to her.

It’s been exciting to see Meg curate the new shop- moving from an etsy store to a brick-and-mortar space in the heart of Belfast has been fun to watch. The variety of the gifts and needful things is lovely to behold.

And now there’s this here website, a virtual space that we’ve been working on that I’m proud to be a part of. Hopefully it looks and feels like the cottage-like basement she’s stocked with well-found goods.

All of the makers you’ll find here will be featured in the blog. They’re our friends and neighbors- talented Maine folks who are proud of the quality of their wares. We’ll also let you know what’s up in Belfast, giving you the shipping news of the harbor and the stories that come to us on our little bustling corner downtown.

Enjoy, and welcome to

This is a guest blog by Anne Bryant, who also writes for her own blog,